Training and Education

In addition to interpreter subcontracting, we serve the business and Deaf communities in our area by offering training, education, and resources. We are available to teach both Deaf Sensitivity Classes and Sign Language Classes, and can train your staff about how to use interpreters for the Deaf and Hard Hearing in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Our clients can be sure that all requests, no matter how big or small, will be handled professionally.

Deaf Sensitivity Classes

The Communication Connection offers sensitivity training for your staff. This training includes instruction in basic American Sign Language (ASL), Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), and information on Deaf culture. Handouts and interactive questions will be available for your staff. The training will teach the difference between Deaf culture and the Hearing culture, and some of the behaviors that are acceptable and not acceptable in both communities. We will also explain how the ADA pertains to you and your responsibilities towards a deaf individual. Your staff will gain knowledge that will help them become more sensitive to issues when working with the Deaf community.

Introduction to Basic American Sign Language (ASL) for your business

This course is tailored to meet your staff’s specific vocabulary needs. Your business’s communication needs and vocabulary will be discussed before the training and prepared for your staff’s lessons. It is recommended that a minimum of (4) two-hour classes are scheduled in succession to have an impact on vocabulary memorization.

The course will also include tips on how to communicate with deaf and hard of hearing staff members when an interpreter is not present. Your staff will not only learn about Do’s and Dont’s in communicating with staff members but will also have handouts to refer to in the future.

This course will NOT teach your staff enough ASL to become or replace the role of a professional interpreter. It will give your staff a good understanding on the best way to communicate with deaf and hard of hearing staff on a simple, daily basis.

If you’re having a meeting or any kind of special discussion which includes a deaf staff member, call for a professional certified sign language interpreter.

Keep your company and staff informed!

Stay current with training relevant to your organization.